Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How salt tablets saved me.

After my cardiologist confirmed I had POTS, he immediately prescribed salt tablets for me.  I began taking 4 grams per day to increase my blood volume and thirst.

I was also given a prescription for exercise.  I was to begin using a recumbent bike without resistance at a low RPM to slowly increase tolerance to exertion and changes in body temperature.

The immediate difference I saw was an increase in energy!  I was also able to stand longer and move around without tiring so quickly.  

I have read of people who have to take up to 8 grams of salt a day.  I'm glad I have never had to take that much.  I found out early on that salt tablets are hard on the stomach.  I learned quickly to take them in the middle of a meal and not before or after.  The salt needs to be sandwiched by food to prevent irritation the the lining of the stomach.  I found myself standing in front of the toilet ready to vomit a few too many times for my liking.  Lots of fluid helps dilute the salt faster, too.  Just taking the pill with a glass of water didn't cut it for me, either.  Milk works, but not water.

If you happen to take salt tablets and have a hard time keeping them down, try taking them in the middle of a meal or with a big glass of milk to help your stomach out.

I currently take only 3 tablets a day now, as I don't eat a 4th meal and would rather not risk vomiting.  I have been doing fine on 3 tablets and my doctor doesn't have a problem with it either, given my incredible progress.

So, how did salt tablets save me, exactly?  Without a doubt, salt tablets helped me get up and get moving.  Being able to move let me exercise.  Exercising built muscle and sort of  "Reset" my autonomic nervous system so I could tolerate changes again.

At the time of this writing, I am more than 2 years post-diagnosis and have been told by my doctor that he considers me fully rehabilitated from POTS!  Praise God!

My recovery began with salt.


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